Give the Gift of History — Yours!


As the holidays approach, our thoughts turn to gift giving. When I look at advertising, so much of what I see being touted as great for gifting seems thoughtless and shallow. I like to give truly personal gifts that will create emotion in the heart of the recipient. So here’s an idea for something that I would certainly love to receive as a gift:

Give your family the gift of your own history. Sure, you might occasionally tell a story that amuses them, but what if they had a book, memoir or journal that captured your entire life? Not only would they understand the journey you’ve made, but it would become a treasured family keepsake to be shared with future generations.

I’ve made it easy to create your own personal history with my online class, Write Your Life Story, from Writing Academy.

And there’s another way to give the gift of history, too. Consider giving a class about writing a life story to the senior members of your family. It will make it easy for them to share their memories with you, and you’ll learn things about them that will bring you closer together.
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